What our Clients Are Saying About Us


  • Cheryl was my Training Manager and Mentor for my first four years at Dream Town Realty. I really cannot say enough about the impact Cheryl had on my career. She helped me get on a path for personal development that allowed me to improve my skills and ability, which ultimately translated into an exponential improvement in the results I have been able to achieve in real estate sales. Cheryl is a very giving person and is always available to help Agents find their way. If you are not achieving at the level you want to be at, go talk to Cheryl and she will help you develop a plan and share some great insights that will translate into meaningful results in your business, as long as you are willing to put forth the effort. I'm glad to see Cheryl is still a guiding light in this industry. 

  • Having Sue as a mentor and coach is hard to put into words. Teaching and coaching is in her blood and she does it with ease and grace. There is no question too big or small for Sue, and she has all of the answers! 

  • I would not still be in this business if not for Cheryl. She is an ear for complaints, a mouth full of advice, and a foot to the rear when you need it. Anyone with the good fortune to learn from Cheryl will be smarter, happier, and more productive. 

  • Priscilla is compassionate and amazing at leading us in the right direction. Priscilla wants you to succeed and helps in any way she can! 


  • I loved working with Cheryl. She has great energy, a positive spirit, and, a wonderful sense of humor. Besides that, Cheryl has high moral standards. She is an excellent coach. With her coaching me, I realized that I could reach another level. She has a way of correcting, without being too critical or making you feel insecure. She always tried to help me develop my individual skills to the best of my ability. Cheryl had great ideas as well. I try to implement many of the suggestions that she made to me in my daily work life. I think that Keller Williams is lucky to have her on board!

  • Cheryl has absolutely changed the way I think and the way I approach my business. She always knows exactly how far to push and what things to say to lead me down a path of self discovery. Highly highly recommend! 

  • Cheryl is my productivity coach and I would recommend her highly! She is very personable and truly cares about the world around her. She embodies the word TEAM. She wants for you and not FROM you.  


  • Cheryl offers insight and clarity while motivating positive action. She models effective living through good habits, and shares wisdom generously. A pleasure to work with!