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Cheryl McDonald, Head Productivity Coach - Naperville

Cheryl McDonald, Head Productivity Coach - Naperville

Cheryl McDonald, Head Productivity Coach - Naperville

Since 2003, Cheryl has trained and coached thousands of agents. With a Master’s Degree in Human Performance and Training and her prior experience Cheryl understands the link between learning and performance to achieve results. 

Cheryl led a successful career in real estate beginning as a corporate sales trainer. She participated in several condo conversions at American Invsco before being promoted to National Director of Sales & Training. Eventually she transitioned to broker management at Dream Town Realty. After 10 successful years in the business, Cheryl joined Keller Williams as a Productivity Coach.

Cheryl relishes time spent with her large Irish family and best furry friend /rescue dog Izzy. 


Jack Kelley, Managing Broker - Naperville

Cheryl McDonald, Head Productivity Coach - Naperville

Cheryl McDonald, Head Productivity Coach - Naperville

"I spend a majority of my time providing world-class service for my clients. As a result, my valued clients, strategic partners and other advocates refer their friends, family and coworkers to me for assistance in getting a home. I am committed to building strong, lifelong relationships one person at a time. 

Who is the next person you know who is considering purchasing or selling real estate? I would appreciate and welcome the opportunity to assist them."

Jack serves as the managing broker at Keller Williams Realty Infinity. 


Sue Ortlieb-Vignovich, Launch Coach - Naperville

Cheryl McDonald, Head Productivity Coach - Naperville

Sue Ortlieb-Vignovich, Launch Coach - Naperville

"From a young age, helping people has always been my passion and has proven to be my path in life. 

I've been a realtor for fifteen years with Keller Williams and I continue to marvel at our growth. Up until three years ago, I was a dual career agent working full time teaching elementary school special education. 

Whether it was helping a student reach a milestone or helping a new agent close their first transaction, seeing the joy on a face after such success has been a blessing. I'm thankful."

Chip Sifnotis, Launch Coach - Naperville

Julie Oswald, Productivity Coach - Plainfield

Sue Ortlieb-Vignovich, Launch Coach - Naperville

Chip has been an Illinois licensed broker since 2014 and spent over a decade serving and training in restaurants all over the world. After two years of juggling dual careers, Chip applied his fast-paced restaurant experiences when joining the Amy Kite Team as a buyer’s agent. He learned how to operate a high volume multi-agent team from one of the top agents in the industry.  In August of 2019, his journey lead to building his own real estate business.

With his vast training experience, becoming a coach was a natural path.  Chip believes a solid foundation in values, culture, and education is crucial to providing a custom yet consistent experience for clients’ unique situations.  Joining the E to P group has taught Chip that the people you choose to be in business with matters and an attitude of gratitude and giving back is crucial to success.

Chip is an Elk Grove Village native and currently resides there with his wife Meghan who homeschools their two kids.  He has Bachelor degrees in Communication-Theater and Music from Illinois College.  When not working in real estate, Chip enjoys watching Doctor Who and the Great British Bake Off; cooking and baking with Meghan, and reading with his kids.  Chip’s legal name is Christopher and loves sharing the story of how he became Chip. 


Brian Anderson, Launch Coach - Naperville

Julie Oswald, Productivity Coach - Plainfield

Julie Oswald, Productivity Coach - Plainfield

 Brian’s goal is to help others and keep it simple. 

When Brian entered the employment world, he had a plan: to join the world of Law Enforcement and help others “hands on”. But after a career spanning 20 years that plan came to an abrupt end when he was injured in the line of duty. 

Police work had always been a deep love of Brian’s and the only career he saw himself in. He had become a specialist as a training officer, member of SWAT, motorcycle officer, and evidence technician. 

When faced with a permanent career ending injury, Brian opted to steam roll through all of the difficulties that came with this scenario. He focused on the positive and dove in, creating new opportunities. 

Within a span of 3 years he has:

- Started “Grizzly Plowing” using the four-wheeler he always loved; 

- Developed his passion of photography, became a Drone Video and Photographer, and established “Front Line Drone Photography”; and

- Became a Licensed Real Estate Broker, joined Keller Williams Realty Infinity and established “Front Line Homes”, which allows him to use his love of helping others and real estate. The positive culture and teamwork drew Brian to KW and as part of the team Brian has become a: 

- Member of the Social Committee;

- Member of the Annual Octoberfest Committee with aspirations of becoming part of the leadership team; 

- 3x BOLD Grad and was a Team Leader for the 2nd year BOLD Team;  

- Military Relocation Professional (MRP), Negotiation Expert (RENE), Capper (100% Commission); and 

- TOP AGENT in the Market Center for 2019. 

Even as Brian learned to become an agent, he helped other agents along the way. Now, as a Launch Coach Brian will use the combination of his skills and talents to help YOU efficiently launch and succeed! 

Happily married for 18 years, Brian and Janice are the proud parents of Brooke, age 17, and Alexis, age 15. 

The joy of knowing that you have made a positive impact in someone’s life is beyond words.


Julie Oswald, Productivity Coach - Plainfield

Julie Oswald, Productivity Coach - Plainfield

Julie Oswald, Productivity Coach - Plainfield

Julie is a licensed Broker and Realtor ® in Illinois with over 13 years experience in the Real Estate Industry. She previously worked in a large bank's foreclosure department. Being a loss mitigation specialist prepared her for the many aspects of the real estate industry. 

Julie has a Bachelor's degree in Communications; Public Communications and Human Resources with minors in Marketing and Interior Design. Julie is very professional and genuine. She takes the time to understand her clients needs and helps them to find the perfect fit for their unique situations. Julie will explain the entire process and answer any questions her clients have along the way as she knows that communication is key in this industry.

Julie grew up in Elmhurst and currently resides in Plainfield with her two children. However, she has also lived in California, Utah and Arizona. She thoroughly understands the moving process through the eyes of both buyers and the sellers.

She is an active member of her community and a proud member of Plainfield Junior Woman’s Club. Their organization is a nonprofit group that  strives to serve the needs of the Plainfield community, particularly women and children, through volunteerism, fundraising events and community service. Julie currently serves on the executive board for Plainfield Junior Woman’s Club.

Whether you are moving down the street, or across the country, Julie is here to help you with your Real Estate needs


Priscilla de Jager, Productivity Coach - Glen Ellyn

Priscilla de Jager, Productivity Coach - Glen Ellyn

Priscilla de Jager, Productivity Coach - Glen Ellyn

Priscilla knew in order to build credibility with her clients, she needed to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Priscilla joined Keller Williams Realty in her native South Africa in January 2016. Building upon her skills and knowledge from a degree in Business and Tourism Management, Priscilla quickly built a thriving and rewarding Real Estate business. In 2017, she was awarded Rookie of the Year as well as Most Units Sold Nationally in South Africa. In two years, she managed to close 120 units as an individual agent. 

She quickly discovered that her passion was more based in wanting to help others on their journey to success.  In addition to serving on the ALC,  Priscilla was instrumental in developing and growing the Keller Williams Young Professionals program in her area to help foster emerging talent and prepare agents for future leadership roles.

After one particularly inspiring Family Reunion, Priscilla decided to make a life changing decision and move to the United States to join the KW Realty Infinity family. She brings her vast experience and diversity to the Productivity Coaching Program and looks forward to helping agents realize their full potential and grow a business they are proud of. She also enjoys introducing her co-workers to South African foods and traditions.

Priscilla’s "Big Why" is to help people maximize their God given potential.  


Julie Riddle, Productivity Coach - Geneva

Priscilla de Jager, Productivity Coach - Glen Ellyn

Priscilla de Jager, Productivity Coach - Glen Ellyn

Julie is an experienced Realtor® with a passion for creating an extraordinary client experience. Previously, she  was a teacher with 9 years of experience and has instructed various age groups. Before following her dream of becoming a business owner, she taught in both inner-city Phoenix and Naperville, Illinois. 

Julie is a graduate of both Grand Valley State University and Arizona State University. She has a bachelor's degree in English and a masters' degree in educational leadership. She has grown her business through organic and authentic engagement in social media while creating brand awareness through S.E.O. Julie is both an expert in real estate and education. She  takes pride in communicating with and guiding her clients through the process of both buying and selling so they feel confident from the initial meeting to the closing table. 

Julie is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and currently lives in Geneva, Illinois. Through moving cross- country and locally she is empathic and caters to each unique client's needs. She is thankful for each client and continues communication long after the transaction is complete. 

She thoroughly enjoys the real estate profession and is enthusiastic to continue to grow her knowledge in the latest trends and market analysis of the ever progressing real estate industry. 


Tammy Rodrigues, Managing Broker - Aurora

Priscilla de Jager, Productivity Coach - Glen Ellyn

Tammy Rodrigues, Managing Broker - Aurora

When I joined Real Estate in 2006, my goal was to help others understand the process in buyer or selling their home. So many of them have a misconception of what an agent does for them. Since I have always been the nurturing type I found that this filled my soul. It allowed me to aid my clients and give them the tools to understand real estate. I am blessed with being able to build strong relationships, while educating, and teaching others along with a service that goes above their expectations.

Having compassion and willingness to listen and hear what others needs and wants are a fulfilling part of my life. Plus, I get to provide a helping hand to their family and friends. My passion is leading others through a successful journey and providing them with my expertise and knowledge.

I enjoy spending time with my family having five children and seven grandchildren are a blessing from above. Taking time for them and guiding them through life’s challenges has made me who I am today.