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Holly Koester of the Arlington market center has mastered the science of holding an effective open house and generating massive leads in the process. After spending her formative years in the business working open houses seven days a week, she has been perfecting her formula for 38 years now. Read her story on the KW Blog and find out how you can leverage open houses as a fun and inexpensive way to market and grow your business! 

Building Your Brand With Successful Open Houses

Holly Koester tells Gary how she holds an effective open house starting 10 days in advance, and also how this practice is a viable way to attract buyers and sellers and build your brand. 

Lead Gen for Listings: Open Houses

According to Holly Koester, there is a science to putting an open house together and making it successful. With 38 years in the business and a goal of 100 transactions this year, Holly has built a long and successful career on open houses. They are her passion and, in her opinion, one of the fastest and most effective lead generation activities out there. Listen in on this week’s call recording, the third interview of our four-week Lead Gen for Listings series, and leverage Holly’s simple strategies in your business! 

Get Ready for Your Open House

Your goal in holding an open house is not to sell the home; it is to put yourself in the path of opportunity—the business opportunity to meet people, add to your database, and set appointments.

Capture Leads at Your Open House

 Learn how multiple ways to capture leads at your open house using a variety of KW Technology tools. 

Open House Follow Up and KW Technology

Learn how to use Edge to follow up with open house visitors right away and increase your chances of converting them to clients.